Worried dog

Separation Anxiety

For many dogs, being left alone can send them into anxious worry or outright panic. The fear they experience often leads them to bark and whine for hours, scratch and chew furniture and doorframes, and sometimes injure themselves in the process.


It's a heartbreaking condition for owners and unbearable for dogs. But training can help! We can work together on an individualized training plan to help your dog learn to be calm and happy when left alone and to help you get your freedom back. If you think your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, click here to get in touch.


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Jennifer is a curious and playful human being who gave up a life of travel and adventure to become the behavior science nerd that she is today. She took one little class on dogs and before she knew it, she was devouring every book on the topic and graduating with honors from the highly-regarded Academy for Dog Trainers. She has since gone on to achieve additional certifications, and is passionate about continuing education.


Now, Jennifer works with dogs and their people to overcome separation anxiety, teaches puppy training classes, and helps pet parents develop more magical relationships with their dogs.