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Worried dog

Separation Anxiety

For many dogs, being left alone can send them into anxious worry or outright panic. The fear they experience often leads them to bark and whine for hours, scratch and chew furniture and doorframes, and sometimes injure themselves in the process.


It's a heartbreaking condition for owners and unbearable for dogs. But training can help! We can work together on an individualized training plan to help your dog learn to be calm and happy when left alone and to help you get your freedom back. If you think your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, click here to get in touch.




Behavior Consult

Guidance for your and your dog's specific needs. Start here for personalized help.

Separation Anxiety Intensive

Learn everything you need to know to tackle your dog's distress with trainer by your side.



Master new skills with your pup from the comfort of home! 

Coming Soon
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Trainer to Trainer Consults

Looking for guidance on a case? Interested in business advice or technical troubleshooting? I'm happy to be of service to my fellow trainers.

About Me



Hi! I'm Jennifer Malawey. Thanks for being here, and thanks for choosing a kind, compassionate, and playful approach to teaching and learning with your dog. 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a total dog geek. I'm an honors graduate of the 
Academy for Dog Trainers and an avid proponent of continuing education, taking every opportunity to learn so that I can bring my clients the most up-to-date humane training information available. Need a book recommendation? I got you.


I believe in honest, transparent discussions that allow pet parents to make the most informed decisions for their pet and help them reach their astonishing potential.

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