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Dog Parkour!

Dog parkour is a relatively new, non-competitive dog sport that you can do with your dog in and around your own home!

It is unlike any other sport. No travel, no event fees, no crowded venues. It is non-competitive. The focus is on you, your dog, and your journey together.

It involves training your dog to interact with the environment around you in new ways, stay focused and engaged, and make reasoned, confident choices.

Most of all, it's about having fun and growing as a team!

That's not all...


Confident dogs make better choices and are comfortable in a wider variety of situations.

see with

The parkour journey will change the way you and your dog look at the world around you.



You'll learn to read and respond to your dog, build trust, and create a bond like never before.

a sport for 

As a solo sport, all dogs can participate, even those who don't prefer the company of other dogs. 

Start your journey.
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