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Thanks for choosing me! I cannot WAIT to get started. Click below for a great deal on my favorite

fresh dog food.



Here are a few suggestions

that will help you

make the most of 

our time together.


Don't feed lunch. We may work directly with your dog during our call. Training works better when they're hungry.


Minimize distractions. Choose a quiet room, turn off alerts, don't run the dishwasher right before. Family are welcome, but the fewer distractions, the further we get.


Bring good treats. Ones your dog loves, are pea-sized, meat-based, and non-crumbly are best. Even better if they're in a treat pouch.


Consider your training space. I may ask you to stand and do some tasks with your dog. This will be easier with some floor space where you'll still be in view of the camera.


Have a bully stick or stuffed, frozen Kong ready. Something to keep your dog occupied when the adults are talking.


Check the link. Tech issues happen. It helps if you test the link in advance, and join the meeting at least a couple minutes before your session time.

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